Monday, October 3, 2011

Messages from daily life

Listening to my Ipod often gives me the best insight into those problems that I am dealing with. A crazy human way to get messages but it mostly works for me. If I have a problem, something that is bothering me, I put on the Ipod, hit shuffle and see what comes up.

Sometimes I will also use a book. Not any old book, but a good, solid fiction book. Something completely unexpected and I will open that book to any page. I let the Universe decide what message I need to receive.

"New Age" books are fantastic helpmates. They can be a great guide to all of us in times of stress but I find that the advice held within is often hard to implement, or does not take into account the human aspect of our lives, or requires shifts that we are not yet ready to make.

The full abundance of the human experience, both mundane and Divine, needs to be considered for us to be able to resolve some of our issues. We need to be able to stay in the integrity of who we are.

It is marvelous to donate, be concerned, help others when and where we can, but if we/you are so stressed with trying to pay your own rent, then how can you pay attention to what others need? If you are too tired to be gentle to yourself, or those that you love, what is the point in any other kindness you commit?

There is an old saying - "Charity begins at home." This is a very true idiom. Be kind to yourself, be generous in Spirit to yourself and to those who are in your close network, then you will have the time, the energy and the courage to take that kindness outward to others - without much effort.


Carmel Bell

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life as we know it...

‘Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.’ Dr Seuss

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have blogged but that is because a lot has been happening in my life and also probably in your lives. I know that people do not want to be over informed but also like to hear what is going on in the world.

This is my world...last week I lost a very close friend. This was a blow, a real body slam, for me.

As expected as it was, this still came presented to me as a deep grief. Even though I can still talk to my friend ‘in Spirit’ I am sad that she can no longer rush into my home, laugh, sweep the neatness aside and make me through caution to the wind. I am grateful that she allowed me to be part of her life and I am reminded of her each time I smell Patchouli. Did you know that scent is one of the strongest evocators of emotion? At the moment this scent is following me around. Each time I sit quietly it wafts to me even though no one else can seem to smell it...I love the way that Spirit works.

I also see her in the projects that we did together and all the crafty stuff we used to make. She always had time for me and she made sure that I felt loved and accepted by her. Her laugh rings around my home. Yes, I have lost her, but I had her in my life. How lucky am I?

Everyone we meet and know adds something to our life. Spend your time on those that add in a positive way and leave go those that make you doubt who you really are. A true friend will see below the spin and hype that we sell ourselves. They will also see the stories that we tell to ourselves so that we feel the way that we want to feel – like ‘I’m so terrible, that is why I get nowhere...’

Listen to your friends. They are the markers of light on the path of your life. YOU are lucky if you have more than a handful of friends in this life. People seem to want hundreds of friends. Facebook shows that need in people, but how can you be a close friend to hundreds of people. There is only time/space/energy for a handful in the inner sanctum. Dozens in the second circle and as many as you like in the outer circle, but do remember that not all friends are equal emotionally.

All people may be equal in color and value, but not in emotional value to you.

(Pick up your phone and call your friends. Write them a surprise letter. No one gets a real letter anymore but I still remember the excitement of that lovely envelope arriving, wondering what would be inside it. Be a surprising friend. )

Grief – what a tough but beautiful emotion. Grieving is a good emotion. As uncomfortable as it can get, it is also inspirational and it encourages us to revisit what we are doing, where we are at and how we can become a more perfect version of the person we are. A friend does not sit easy with the stories that you tell yourself, and helps you to see the untruth behind the versions we often play for ourselves. As uncomfortable as that truth may be, they will show you the truth. Grief is a way to honour our loss.

What can a friend do? Often the hardest truth for us to hear is how great we are. Life has a way of making us all feel insecure or less than we want to be. Isn’t that odd? It is our task to accept who and what we are and yet we are conflicted so often by other people’s versions of us.

A friend will add to you and you will walk away inspired in some way.

Yes, we all play untrue versions because it is hard to see ourselves clearly. Find friends who will tell you the truth and love you because of it. A friend who will love you because of the person you are and not who you were or who you may yet become. Who You Are.

I am in Grief. It hurts; I have cried a lot, I will cry a lot more. But I am glad that I had the chance to love this person enough to truly cry for my loss.

Even though I now have the loss of my friend to live through, she was worth every moment. I am blessed.

***Metatrons Cube News***

NEW STAFF: For those of you who have recently called my office, you may have noticed new staff on board. Sarah has taken a break for a while to concentrate on her children and Bernie and Tanya have taken over.

OFFICE HOURS: Office hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm. Saturday 11am – 2pm. We take bookings and handle enquiries during that time. If we are on other calls, please leave a message and you will get a call back.

APPOINTMENTS: Metatrons Cube is open for appointments Monday – Friday with late or evening appointments on Thursdays and Fridays. Saturday appointments are also available.

SPACE AVAILABLE: For those of us who are Spiritually minded, it can be really hard to find a place to practice from that is beautiful, harmonious and peaceful. We are now offering sessional space at Metatron’s cube, at really fantastic rates to lease space. We are looking for fun, supportive people who are (for instance but not limited to...) Massage therapists, kinesiologists, Energy Healers, Clairvoyants and more. If you feel that you may fit the ‘bill’ call Bernie. Must enjoy beauty, peace, harmony and fun!

Introduction to Medical Intuition and Metatronic Energy funshop

Our signature funshop is scheduled for September 17th and 18th. This is our great value 2 day basic course that will take you through everything you need to know to effectively use Metatronic Energy. You will have loads of fun whilst also learning this fantastic energy and gaining a really excellent understanding of the value of Metatronic Energy and an understanding of Medical Intuition and the ways that this can add to your life.

More information on the website. I hope to meet you there! J

You can book now with Bernie at or by calling 0419551530

When All Else Fails

I have been invited by the T.S Bookshop to give a talk about my book during the month of October, which is very exciting to me. I enjoy talking to people about my book and the experiences that led me to writing it.

Come along and have a listen, if you would like to.

The Next Project

My next book is zinging along. I am having a lot of fun writing it and I really hope that all of you will eventually have a great time reading it, walking away richer in knowledge and hope than you were before. Keep your eyes open for more news soon!

It will be a very human book, a great guide for those of us who feel, at times, a little bit lost. I am feeling excited by it all.

So, for now I wish you all a fond farewell.

May the road rise to meet you and the wind blow at your back to speed your way.

With love and blessings,

Carmel Bell

Ps: I enjoy hearing back from you. Send me comments, emails etc to I read them all. I really do J

Ps: we are on FACEBOOK. Carmel Bell – Medical Intuitive. Please join us and have a bit of fun.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Head full of promise, road full of doubt

There is a place inside of me that whenever I become aware of it, it mostly seems to rest uneasily. I can feel that place at the oddest of times, like when I am sitting quietly, or even talking to someone who seems to have it 'all-together'. Sometimes it sneaks up on me when I am just waking up from sleep, in that beautiful somnambulistic state.

I know this feeling. As uncomfortable as it may be, it is still an old and familiar friend. It is the feeling that keeps me looking within and not running away. I have had to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable because I realise that when you are feeling like you are King of the world, without any discomfort, you start to become complacent and then you stop seeing the truth.

The risk with complacency is that although it is comfortable it allows you to stop trying to achieve more goals or different goals. And that is stagnation.

We can never still be alive and finished with the journey. We will never be finished with the striving and life really was not meant to be easy. Successful people become comfortable with that knowledge. They realise that there will always be a 'next challenge' and that you are only as good as your last result, and then they stop worrying about it all and focus on the challenge.

As long as there is breath in your body and a heart that is beating in your chest, you are not done with the journey. You are still on the road, a spiritual hitch hiker with your towel and a toothbrush as your companion.

It is a road that we all travel down. Our heads are mostly full of doubt, but somewhere inside that carefully crafted state of neurons firing there is also faith.

Faith cannot imply a state lacking doubt. It cannot imply a life of ease. And affirmations will not create the happy place that we all deserve. But it will allow us to forgive ourselves if we do not achieve what we thought we were going to achieve and then it beautifully creates the drive, the yearning, the impetus to get up from where you have fallen so that you can strive again. You achieve what you believe.

Eddison created 100 light-bulbs that did not work before he got a bulb that did. Mother Theresa doubted the existence of God. Nelson Mandela languished in prison a very long time before he became President of South Africa. Each of them had a road full of doubt in front of them. Yet each of them kept walking.

So what was it that kept them walking that road to the place where they were meant to be? What key essential ingredient did they have that so many other people find hard to resource? Was it a guiding light? Or Angels? Unlikely. Angels don't really like to make themselves as obvious as we want them to be. Angels and faith both speak in whispers. Whispers thT are more often found in the everyday, not in the books that you are told you should read. After all, wouldn't that be too easy?

I also think that each of these people had a faith in themselves. An understanding that everything, from our bodies to our thoughts to our dreams are all made of the same stuff.

I also think that each of them had the ability to look within and see the truth of who they are and who they know they can be, without blaming themselves for an overly long time for what they - or others - may see as failure.

Everybody comes and goes from our lives. The only person who will stay with you forever is you.

Believe in you. Have faith in you. Be gentle with you. And allow yourself to achieve whatever you can achieve.

Even on a long hard road road of doubt you can have a head full of promise.

Carmel Bell

Monday, July 25, 2011

So tell me, which way is out?

The most amazing aspect of happiness is its transient nature. I am often amazed - okay - always amazed - at how one moment I can be feeling happy, content, top of the world, thinking to myself "Sorted!" and then 'BAM!' - down for the count!

What? Am I meant to tell you all that I have it sorted? That having worked as an MI for more than more than 25 years, most of my life, that having stood in heaven, talked to Angels face to face, seen the things that I have seen, that I have it all sorted? Really? I am human, just as you are...damn! Lessons learned are seldom lessons held closely. We forget, we move on, we let go, we get brain damage, we get tired, old, hungry, despairing, but we always come back.

We always come back.

I remember this awesome song by Dr Hook that came out in the 70's...'I got a couple more years on you girl, and that's all. I've had more chances to fly and more places to fall. And it ain't that I'm wiser, it's only that I've spent more time with my back to the wall, and I've picked up a couple more years on you babe, and that's all.' (or something like that)

I think of that song quite often. I sometimes seek out people who have a couple of more years on me, even if they are not as old as me, and sometimes even if they are furrier than me, like my cat, and I listen to them. Wisdom comes from the oddest of places. But it always comes.

Dark is only Dark so that we can see the Light.

What I would really like to see happen for each of you today is for you all to listen to the wisdom of what is happening around you.

Is this a day for you to be quiet or noisy? Achieve actively, or just swim with the gentle ebb and flow that is around you. Is there someone you have forgotten to say thank you to, or told that you cared about them? Is there a project that needs finishing? The sock basket need sorting? The flowers need pruning? Have you used your good/best china to eat or drink from or are you waiting for an excuse to do that? Does someone 'special' need to come to dinner for you to break out your most beautiful possessions?

Don't wait - break them out - make every meal the meal you want to eat.

Find the joy and the peace that is in every moment of every day - if you let it be. And remember. Life is not easy or quiet. It should be, but it isn't.

But you - you fantastic Human, you - can make the world alright for you. You can stand in the eye of the storm and you can find the equilibrium that you need. You can.

It does not matter what others want for you, or from you, or of you. What matters is what you want and what you can create from the unfair hand you have been dealt. Change the belief, change the dynamics so that it is no longer unfair.

I hope that I have given you some peace, some insight. Thank you for sharing this blog journey with me. Share me your insights if you would like to. I love hearing all your responses on here and on Facebook.

In peace.

Love Carmel

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


15 years ago, on this day, I was meant to bring home a baby.

That baby - JL - had been born 13 weeks earlier, after a long and often painful battle to try and stop labour. He was not expected to survive, my small, fragile blonde haired, blue eyed son. Having survived - he was never expected to thrive.

He had 2 strokes in the first 10 days of life. He survived N.E.C. and had so many bradycardia attacks and tachycardia attacks that even the doctors were admitting fear and concern. Every day, walking into the Mercy hospital neonatal intensive care was a trauma. Graduating to nursery 4, then 5, then 6 were all HUGE milestones. Every gram of weight gained was a day closer to home.

We were told to not 'expect much'. Bernie and I loved our tiny son who was so ridiculously small that we clothed him in cabbage patch doll clothes.

I remember so much about that time and about how painful it was. From driving like a maniac into the hospital in case he had died overnight, to coming home and sitting, rocking his pram, crying because I was not allowed to hold him (too small, too fragile). I could not breast feed him as my breasts were bigger than his head and the effort of feeding him made him lose weight. Express milk all the way!

Today I flounced into his room to wake him up - "Happy Birthday!" I shouted quietly. "15 years today if you had been born on time!"

From with in the warmth of his bed, he raised his head and smiled at me. "I was."

From being expected to be brain damaged, small, and all things not quite right, he is now taller than me, beautiful to look at with a physique Adonis would be proud of, smart as a whip, talented, popular - in short - everything a mother could hope for.

Yet I still see the little JL. The fragile, wide eyed boy who looked at me in grief as a lumbar puncture needle was shoved into his small 6 week old spine. I know every trauma he has gone through has made him stronger. He has not needed to hang on to any of it. He has survived, thrived, grown beyond and he shows no signs of the life, the struggle, he led to get here.

An example to me, to us all. Sometimes I forget what he has achieved. I forget that it was the Energy that I use that helped save him, kept him alive, clothed him in love. It is easy to just look at the boy and dream of the man he will be.

But today I will see the man he is becoming and I will remember the boy that he was. The boy who fought, with no recrimination, no questions, to survive - and I will be.

Just be.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What an amazing time to be on Planet earth...

Life without pain sounds wonderful, but in reality it would tiresome and unfulfilling. People will often ask themselves the question of Why?' They wonder why would they do this? Put themselves here, on earth, to suffer the trials and tribulations of humanity, to love, to lose, to fight, to suffer.

I remember a line from one of my most favorite movies - 'The Princess Bride' where the hero, Westley tells us that 'Life is Pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.'

People assume that it is their right and indeed a necessity, to live a life pain free.

The only thing that life can guarantee you is that you are born and that you will live the full extent of your life, as given, be that a day, or one hundred years. IN between birth and death, you will laugh and you will cry.

Life is pain. But not all that pain is bad, or to be avoided. Pain tells us where we have truly loved. Pain can tell us what is absent from our life. An absence of pain, of feeling, in a human is often a key symptom in a person who is a sociopath.

Yet people studiously avoid pain. Life without pain disalows you the right to be compassionate, to cry when your child is hurt, to grieve when your friend ails or dies, to mourn when you feel that you are betrayed, to know that hurting another is wrong.

To try to avoid pain is to fail to live to your full extent.

I do not want to be in pain, I do not want to cry and yet, it is this depth that will allow me to know where to love, where to trust, where I have failed or won, or am driven.

I sometimes think back on the people that I have loved and in one way or another, have lost. I feel pain. But I also feel joy that I knew that person, that I was blessed to have been part of their journey. This is a good pain, a healthy pain...

My point within my ramblings is to help you to see that life is not a free ride, full of only joy. Life is a patchwork quilt that is full of all the experiences and emotions you can feel. To deny or to diminish any of them is to live a less than full life. To love fully, you will need to experience loss of love.

Which of you would give up the intense love you have felt for another being, just to be pain free?

Between grief and nothing, I would take grief. It is in that way that I can feel true love, true joy.

Carmel Bell

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday ramblings

"In a real dark night of the soul, it is always three o'clock in the morning." F.Scott Fitzgerald

Sleep is the last great unfettered refuge to many of us, particularly to those with worries. But what happens when that precious sleep is interrupted and taken over by thoughts that we cannot seem to control. We end up with worries that pile in on us, unrequested and yet - here.

Charles De Lint said - (author) "Problems are not something you should try to solve in the middle of the night." Problem solving in the night, whilst you are awake, is often one of the greatest causes of misery.

So should we stop trying to problem solve? How can we solve this dilemma?

I think that we are best to leave it to sleep time. In sleep, what dreams may come...I find that for every problem I have, my dream consciousness has the answer. It may not be the answer that I want, but it is the answer that I need.

When I am lost, when I am floundering, I ask my mind to give me the answer. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it can take a few days, but the answer does come.

Sleep - that precious gift that does more than just refresh the body. It also refreshes the soul.


Carmel Bell