Monday, June 6, 2011

What an amazing time to be on Planet earth...

Life without pain sounds wonderful, but in reality it would tiresome and unfulfilling. People will often ask themselves the question of Why?' They wonder why would they do this? Put themselves here, on earth, to suffer the trials and tribulations of humanity, to love, to lose, to fight, to suffer.

I remember a line from one of my most favorite movies - 'The Princess Bride' where the hero, Westley tells us that 'Life is Pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.'

People assume that it is their right and indeed a necessity, to live a life pain free.

The only thing that life can guarantee you is that you are born and that you will live the full extent of your life, as given, be that a day, or one hundred years. IN between birth and death, you will laugh and you will cry.

Life is pain. But not all that pain is bad, or to be avoided. Pain tells us where we have truly loved. Pain can tell us what is absent from our life. An absence of pain, of feeling, in a human is often a key symptom in a person who is a sociopath.

Yet people studiously avoid pain. Life without pain disalows you the right to be compassionate, to cry when your child is hurt, to grieve when your friend ails or dies, to mourn when you feel that you are betrayed, to know that hurting another is wrong.

To try to avoid pain is to fail to live to your full extent.

I do not want to be in pain, I do not want to cry and yet, it is this depth that will allow me to know where to love, where to trust, where I have failed or won, or am driven.

I sometimes think back on the people that I have loved and in one way or another, have lost. I feel pain. But I also feel joy that I knew that person, that I was blessed to have been part of their journey. This is a good pain, a healthy pain...

My point within my ramblings is to help you to see that life is not a free ride, full of only joy. Life is a patchwork quilt that is full of all the experiences and emotions you can feel. To deny or to diminish any of them is to live a less than full life. To love fully, you will need to experience loss of love.

Which of you would give up the intense love you have felt for another being, just to be pain free?

Between grief and nothing, I would take grief. It is in that way that I can feel true love, true joy.

Carmel Bell

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