Monday, October 3, 2011

Messages from daily life

Listening to my Ipod often gives me the best insight into those problems that I am dealing with. A crazy human way to get messages but it mostly works for me. If I have a problem, something that is bothering me, I put on the Ipod, hit shuffle and see what comes up.

Sometimes I will also use a book. Not any old book, but a good, solid fiction book. Something completely unexpected and I will open that book to any page. I let the Universe decide what message I need to receive.

"New Age" books are fantastic helpmates. They can be a great guide to all of us in times of stress but I find that the advice held within is often hard to implement, or does not take into account the human aspect of our lives, or requires shifts that we are not yet ready to make.

The full abundance of the human experience, both mundane and Divine, needs to be considered for us to be able to resolve some of our issues. We need to be able to stay in the integrity of who we are.

It is marvelous to donate, be concerned, help others when and where we can, but if we/you are so stressed with trying to pay your own rent, then how can you pay attention to what others need? If you are too tired to be gentle to yourself, or those that you love, what is the point in any other kindness you commit?

There is an old saying - "Charity begins at home." This is a very true idiom. Be kind to yourself, be generous in Spirit to yourself and to those who are in your close network, then you will have the time, the energy and the courage to take that kindness outward to others - without much effort.


Carmel Bell

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