Sunday, September 5, 2010

I don't know what to call this

I found out today that a very dear friend died, quite unexpectedly. Why is it unexpected? We all die. He was a young man - well - older than me, but just. Someone who I have known for about 25 years. I have seen him grow, mature, agonize, go through doubt, reach natural conclusions, have children, love those children, travel, laugh, cry, develop hypertension, relieve it. I have massaged him, eaten with him, had coffee with him - in short been a friend. I expected him to be here with me, journeying for at least another 20 years. In truth, I relied on that because his skill and compassion as a dentist were second to none. And now...

...Now there is a darkness upon me as I grieve for the loss of him, my friend. I am feeling so many feelings.

Even having stood in heaven, talked to Angels, seen Spirit up close and personal, I still grieve. I grieve not because my friend is dead but because I am no longer able to touch him and speak to him and I did not say all that I wanted to, all that I should have. I neglected to tell this man how special he was to me, and how much he had altered my life for the better. I forgot to tell him that I am a better person because he walked beside me sometimes.

Now I need to try to remember the lesson that his loss has offered me. Will I speak up or will I remain silent?

Paul Soon. Goodbye.


Carmel Bell

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Listening to the sounds of life

It is simple to 'be'. It is simple to be healthy. So why is it so hard to be both healthy and to just 'be'?

I am often asked 'Why am I unwell?'. Ill health comes from a lack of comfort, from a lack of peace. We can spend so much time looking for the reason for the ill health, but really, it only comes down to being uncomfortable with somewhere or something. It comes from ending up being angry, being discontent with the situation.

Are you unwell? Then look to the sounds of your life. Find the answers in the pages of the book you are reading, or the music you are hearing. The answers are there because every moment matters.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Late night thoughts

I wonder who will read this post? I was sleeping when suddenly I awoke, thinking about a book about parenting Asperger and Autism Spectrum disorder children. Why do they call it a disorder? I parent three of these children and each one is a delight. Each child brings so many challenges to the table, but each talent gives me such an opportunity to learn, to grow, to deal with an old problem in a new way. Because of my disabled children, I have become a better mother, a better person and a much better Medical Intuitive.

So who will read this 12.30am musing? You? And what has woken you up? Or are you not yet sleeping? What makes you a better person? Is it your fears or your victories? Is it what you can do with ease or what you struggle to accomplish?

Friday, March 26, 2010

When All Else Fails...

Hello - The book is finished, done, over with! Now, with a sense of relief I just have to wait for it to be printed...fingers crossed that it won't take to long. I am not fond of suspense:)
Carmel Bell