Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dallas Brooks Center

The talk at Dallas brooks Center went really well, and seemed to make everybody very happy also. It was great to see so many people that I knew there. I had a lot of fun. I wore the most beautiful bombshell dress from the 50's, for those of you who know that I just love my dresses! This talk was filmed so I plan on having a DVD made and it will be available for purchase through my website.

I am pretty sure that this will be my last talk about my Death experience, just because if I keep talking about it, I will have no time to do anything else, but as people have already contacted me and expressed disappointment at missing out on tickets, I may be convinced to do another. If you have a group who might be interested, let me know. I'll see what I can come up with.

I am writing again. Not only about this experience, and about Metatronic Energy but also writing some articles for various publications. Some of the articles will be about dying but most will be about other things to do with ENergetic health.

Thats all for today.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medical Intuitive Carmel Bell Announces New Book: Reveals Amazing Story of Dying for 47 Minutes

In February 2009 Melbourne-based medical intuitive Carmel Bell suffered a cardiac arrest and died for 47 minutes. She is now working on a book, Light-Storm: Energy to Save Your Life. In the book Carmel reveals what happened when she died, and how she used an amazing energy called Metatronic Level Energy to heal and recover, shocking her doctors.

Sometimes the impossible is possible. Because Carmel was "dead" for 47 minutes, no one expected her to recover her health. However, not only is Carmel now almost completely back to the person she was before, she is well enough to continue her busy practice as a medical intuitive, and to write a book of her experiences.

Why a book? Carmel says: "I woke up out of my physical body immediately after my cardiac arrest, and realized I was dead. I was completely aware of my body lying on the bed, and of paramedics working on me. Simultaneously, I was also aware of heaven and of speaking to Jesus. In the book, I want to tell the story of my conversation with Jesus. I also want to introduce readers to life energy, and to Metatronic Level Energy -- the energy I used to heal myself."

Carmel's story seems unbelievable, but it's true. She garnered media attention from Channel Nine News in June 2009, when her story led the news.

Carmel is looking for a publisher for Light-Storm: Energy to Save Your Life. In the book, Carmel tells the complete story of her Near Death Experience, her conversation with Jesus, and also teaches readers how to heal their own challenges with Metatronic Level Energy. The aim of the book is to show readers that they can travel from illness (even serious illness) to wellness, and can change their experience of life from unhappiness to happiness.

Each chapter of the book includes energy exercises, to help readers to both discover their own energy, and to use it to heal. The exercises are simple, yet effective. Readers will learn techniques they can use every day.

About Carmel Bell
Carmel Bell is a Consulting Quantum Medical Intuitive. She is the founder and President of the Australian Medical Intuitives Association (AMIA) and has been a healer for 25 years.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Medical Intuitive: Dead for 47 Minutes -- Video

I was clinically dead for 47 minutes, and used Metatronic Level Energy to heal myself.

What is medical intuition?

Medical Intuition is both an art and a science. It looks at the human body as both a machine and a spirit.

Things are indeed things, and every thought you have, as well as every piece of food you eat, has an effect on your body. Your body is a direct reflection of your soul and how content you are with your life.

If you're experiencing physical pain or an emotional imbalance, this is created by the spiritual/ energetic imbalance that corresponds with it.

Medical intuition cannot replace traditional medicine; it acts as a complement to it.

Learn about my practice as a Quantum Medical Intuitive practitioner.