Sunday, March 28, 2010

Late night thoughts

I wonder who will read this post? I was sleeping when suddenly I awoke, thinking about a book about parenting Asperger and Autism Spectrum disorder children. Why do they call it a disorder? I parent three of these children and each one is a delight. Each child brings so many challenges to the table, but each talent gives me such an opportunity to learn, to grow, to deal with an old problem in a new way. Because of my disabled children, I have become a better mother, a better person and a much better Medical Intuitive.

So who will read this 12.30am musing? You? And what has woken you up? Or are you not yet sleeping? What makes you a better person? Is it your fears or your victories? Is it what you can do with ease or what you struggle to accomplish?

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  1. Thanks Carmel, I did read this soon after you posted the message...Yes, go for it. I know within the education depts... needs are strong for support and info regarding children with special needs. (my husband is a welfare officer). Perhaps you could organise seminars/talks to those!! And no it's not a disorder, I have recently been diagnosed with Aspergers. I am now in my 40's, and would not have changed one thing....I have learnt sooo much...been to hell and back. Every day brings something new..Bring it on.!